Your cab via taxi app

With the cab app “Taxi Berlin” you can order your cab with just a few clicks. Through the automatic location via GPS you can track the approach of the cab live or before ordering the cab you can calculate the cost of your cab ride. After the ride, pay conveniently in cash, with PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or with debit/credit card.


via telephone

Pre-Book or book live under
There is one of our cars close to you, no matter where you are in Berlin.


Your taxi at a push of a button: Depose your telephone number and up to three different locations.


Berlin's Taxi Tariff

Rate 1: Short trip

up to 2 kilometers, requested by passenger, only by hailing a moving taxi, non-stop, flat rate
(over 2 km: retroactive change to rate 2) 6,00

Rate 2: Trip within Berlin city limits

Base fare 4,30

up to 3.0 kilometers / per km2,80

from 3.0 to 7.0 kilometers / per km2,60

from 7.0 kilometers / per km2,10

Waiting time over 1 minute / per hour39,00

Rate 3: Trip from BER Airport

within airport‘s mandatory driving area

Base fare 4,30

up to 5.0 kilometers / per km2,60

from 5.0 kilometers / per km2,00

Waiting time over 1 minute / per hour39,00

Additional charges (flat rate)Euro

Transport of 5 up to 8 passengers (2 children under age 10 count as 1 passenger) or oversized items requiring an MPV (van taxi) + 6,00

Payment by taxi-center voucher, taxi-center card, invoice or different app for taxi orders+ 1,50

Passenger pickup on a taxi rank at BER airport  + 1,50

Payment by debit card or taxi-app payment luggage fitting in the trunk, babycarriages wheelchairs, dogs, small animals are free of charge.

Drivers are authorized to demand a pre-payment up to the amount of the estimated fare.

As part of public transport, taxis are subject to tariffs in Germany. Fares do not include tips.

The taxi fares are set by the Berlin county government.

Accepted cashless payment methods

Our fleet

We have the perfect cars that suit your needs




Our special services

Airport transfer

Do you need to be at a certain time at the airport or you want to have someone to pick you up? Don't hesitate! You can always pre-order a taxi for later.

Courier service

Do you need a quick and reliable courier? We do it faster than anyone else within Berlin! Everything that fits in a car.

Medical drives

Based on the agreement with your health insurance  to cover the costs of the ride, we make sure to take you safely to your doctor’s appointment.

City tours

Are you a guest in Berlin and would like an individual sightseeing? Our drivers with city-guide training and foreign language skills are there for you.

Travel to suburbs

The following applies to journeys starting in Berlin going outside the cities borders: The price is negotiable. The rule of thumb is €1.20 per kilometre.

Control centre service

Directly at large events an employee of our company books the necessary vehicles in cooperation with our dispatch centre.